Finally Mannie Jackson has found time in his schedule to write his life story. Boxcar to Boardrooms is a slam dunk victory for the human spirit.

Chauncey Billups

Olympic Champion, LA Clippers Point Guard,
Hall of Fame Recipient of the Mannie Jackson 2011 Human Spirit Award

Your book is just fabulous and I loved it. Incredibly inspirational and I really like your title, but the gist of the book is…..AGAINST ALL ODDS!

Harvey Mackay

The Mackay MBA of Selling In The Real World

Mannie is the perfect guide to teach us to follow our dreams. We are lucky to have him as our teacher, and I hope you follow his path.

B. Joseph White

President Emeritis University of Illinois

I was Mannie’s silent partner for ten years. Mannie transformed The Harlem Globetrotters into a successful and profitable business with a sense of integrity that is rare and truly remarkable. His accomplishments are indeed legendary.

Dennis Mathisen

President, Marshall Finance Group

We were both named to Activities and Academics Honour society at the University of Illinois in our junior and senior years. When Mannie was elected team captain I was senior manager. That Mannie went on to leadership and greatness in life is no surprise to me.

Dennis Swanson

Executive Director, NBC affiliate New York City
Past President – ESPN Wide World of Sports

What a great book! Very special and a lot to be very proud of. Thank you for writing such a personal story and sharing it forever with the world especially to youngsters who need to know that through hard work their dreams can really come true.Thank you also for your thoughtful “autograph” and what you wrote to me. I very much appreciated it. I have spent the last eight years on the Board of Overseers of Stanford University’s Hoover Institution and I would support and vote for you now for any office you wish to run for including the highest in the land. Our country needs good people like you who have run a business and know what it takes to make the American dream possible.

Victor Ugolyn

Chairman, WisdomTree Trust
Chairman, MONY Securities (Retired)

This guy (Mannie Jackson) is incredible. I can’t wait to learn how his business career develops. I am also shocked that someone still living experienced this injustice in the us. I guess I am very naive.

John Moore

Read your book cover to cover. Bravo. Bought 10 for family and friends. Quite a story to share. See you soon. Congrats. Stay Humble!

Chris Clouser

President of the Tennis Hall of fame
Former CEO Northwest Airlines, Burger King, and Northstar Financial, and Minnesota Twins

I started reading it the other night and just went wow… So, I came to work and had my assistant order 6 copies of your book. I am giving a copy to each member of your team, that works directly with you or behind the scenes. I am looking forward to getting back to reading.

Linda Netjes

Senior Vice President | Wealth Advisor | The Private Bank | Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC

I finished the book yesterday on a plane and have to tell you how much I enjoyed it. There were many, many things I did not know about you that I simply marveled at as I progressed through the book. This is an absolute must read for young people of all races and backgrounds to read as they enter a turbulent world these days—the notion of goal setting (and dreaming) and staying fixated on the goal sounds like an old style adage but it works every time; young people today look for the easy way out—you are a great and believable voice to bring them back to reality. Lastly, I enjoyed the pictures at the end and was struck by what a beautiful woman your mother was. Congratulations on a wonderful book and thanks for sharing your messages of inspiration and accomplishment.

John L. Doleva

President & CEO
Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame

I loved everything about it especially the epilogue great story congratulations.

Colleen Lenihan Olsen